Antitapas | Antitapas Night – 4th Anniversary
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Antitapas Night – 4th Anniversary

Let’s celebrate our 4 years…
…discovering our special ratatouille of music & flavors!

Come to give volume to your emotions!

W la vida – W l’ amor – W la musica

If you hold “El derecho de ser felices”!

Don’t miss it!

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Antitapas is Back @ The Egg

Line Up Antitapas Night – 4th Anniversary

Le Palais des Sciences presents

Antitapas Night – 4th Anniversary

Saturday 30 November 2013, start from 21:00
Pay €8 after 22h30, before pay €4

Category: Festival

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We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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From 21h
FreeFood, Ateliers, Circus, Music & Performances
Special Dish: Fagiolata Spaola, Risotto & Polenta

Best Homemade Cake Contest:
Bring your own cake with 4 candles & get a Free Entrance before 23h30!!!
The winner have a Free Entrance all this season.

●▬▬▬▬▬▬ LIVE CONCERTS & DJS ▬▬▬▬▬▬●

Fusion Swing Electro Hip-Hop

W.Victor - Che Bella Cacofonia .
Pumping Disharmonic Songs
Cd Release 5th album
“Che Bella Cacofonia”

Spiritual Sweet Punky Rock

Punchy Balkan Klezmer Fanfare

PicMonkey Collage
Refined Jazz Quartet

●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ DJs SELECTA ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●

Colored World Beat & Surf
BeBop Dubstep Electroswing

Eclectic Exotic
Bombshell Grooves


El sonidero Quilombo - Métis Patxanga Cumbia Sudaka Balkanika

Patxanga Cumbia
Sudaka Balkanika


Indie Room

with Dj UTHANTCLAN (Rsm)



Electro Indie Pop


Vintage Dining Room

Selecta by Martin & C.

Here more info about the bands...

✏ KKC ORCHESTRA (Fr) ♫ (1h15 Auditorium)
Initially four musicians who room mates were tinkering in their living room. Childhood friends all passionate about music from different backgrounds, the story begins at flat 74 of Toulouse city, South France.
The KKC Orchestra had tremendous buzz-live from their tour covering three years traveling across the whole of France, blowing big top’s ceiling and plowing festival’s fields.
Since then, these four musicians have managed to create a world based on the encounter between hip-hop and swing, where break-beat and well chiseled songs move in.They would never have imagined going that far, but today they play their music through Europe, where their curious public is in demand.
Fans of the new French electro scene and English Electroswing phenomenon, the musicians bring to the French stage a youthful look with a “Swing – electro – hip-hop of their own.
Led by rapper-singer, hip-hop words are accompanied by a man machine that uses the MPC as a tool and not as a metronome, a swinger guitarist enhances the electro with his rock’n’roll touch, and an elegant pianist bring his classical experience. Between the desire to see you move and to tell you their story, Le KKC Orchestra invites you to enter their world.
Web -> ≡ Video
✏ W.VICTOR (Be) ♫ (23h Auditorium)
Cd Release 5th album “Che Bella Cacofonia”
W.Victor proudly presents his ‘cinque’ album: “Che Bella Cacofonia”. As the title reveals: 12 songs from pumping carnevale, over melancholic organetto and heavy mammoth songs to atmospheric Mediterranean canzoni. More dynamic and energetic than ever. “Che Bella Cacofonia!!”
Driven by his excellent musicians, W.Victor moves and sings like a “Paolo Conte on speed”.
That′s very close to what the audience experiences during a W.Victor concert is constantly working on his own European songbook.
Assisted by five excellent musicians, he made a great live reputation in Belgium and abroad.
Web -> ≡ Video ->
✏ AEDI (It) ♫ (00h15 Studio)
The sound describes a spiritual world, combining sweetness and punk attitude, technique and cacophony, ethereal melodies and blood rhythms.
A meeting of reminiscences that shows the adrenaline soul of north european music and shortens the gap with the scene of Brooklyn NY.
Two EPs and one album “aedi met heidi” (2011, Seahorse Recordings / Mukkake), well accepted by specialized reviews. The second album ” HA TA KA PA” will be released in Europe on February 11st for the label Gusstaff Records (Hugo Race, Tarwater, Sacred Hearts), Produced by Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten).
Web -> ≡ Video ->
Born in 2007 and began playing at the puppet cabarets of “Boîte à Clous”, they then moved on to playing in public places, block parties, squats, and weddings, and finally in festivals and venues all over Belgium and abroad.
One of the first band played at Antitapas, now after a lot of milk and by popular demand they are back at Antitapas Night…
In 2012 they released their first album, recorded live in Portugal.It’s a festive brass band hailing from Bruxelles, Belgium. This mix of amateur and professional musicians plays klezmer and central european folk music in an innovative and festive way.
Famous for ignite their audience with their songs well punchy (with a liter of gasoline, if available;-))
Web ->


✏ NESTOR MARTIN ♫ (22h Resto’)
Refined Jazz Quartet:
Dinner time has just passed when Nestor Martin opens the door of his modest house in the suburbs. He hangs his bowler hat on the hanger and stops, confused..too many emotions during that evening. It could have been a concert like many others, but it hadn’t, that music knew how to be sensitive and at the same time wild, evocative, deep, and somehow it had touched him, and changed him. He starts feeling hungry, but the fridge is probably empty, “Maybe I should have a bite to eat”, he thinks, than he resumes his bowler hat and goes out.
✏ SEÑOR ZAZOU (Fr) ♫ (Auditorium)
Always thought he was born in the 20′s, but it’s not true, he lives in the year 2000 in the south of France. This schizophrenic situation has made a DJ who loves swing tunes based on dirty basslines!!! He share the electroswing stage with Caravan Palace, Incontrol, The Correspondents, Algorythmik, Dutty Moonshine, Typo Boy, Kiwistar, Pat Poree, Nick Hollywood, Chris Tofu and many many more.
He produces an energetic, colored and powerful set: pluging into swing years and surfing over the Electro’s year. Better tasted with a mask!
Web ->
✏ DjSet by RECORDERS (Be) ♫ (Studio)
A Dj set curated and ispirated by their music. Recorders is a belgian band inspired by both Joy Division by Foals, playing indie pop with electro accents. After a lot of concert in Belgium and France, the group now offers a bright pop sometimes upset. Their first single Someone Else’s Memory is catapulted fresh start in February on Pure FM and in a while at the top of the charts.
Web ->
Video ->
✏ DJ DAWOONDER (Be) ♫ (Auditorium)
Present in Brussels nightlife for over 15 years, he has travelled around the electronic scenes of many clubs and bars in the capital of Belgium and in Brazil & Panama for the New Year’s Eve parties, such as “the Blue Moon Party”
He is a talents as percussionist and he djing with eclectic styles and coming to you as an exotic bombshell.
Web ->
✏ EL SONIDERO QUILOMBO (Be-Cl) ♫ (Acquarium)
It’s a métis soundsystem from Chileans & Argentineans living in Brussels. A original patxanga of cumbia, ska, dancehall and balkanbeat, that makes dance and sweat all the dance-floor.
Web ->

▬▬ ATELIERS & SHOW ▬▬▬▬●

SALUS PER LIBIDO ↬ Total Make Over Corner
LA CAGE AUX ANIMAUX ↬ Find your similar by the roar
THE PRIESTESS OF ISIDE ↬ Belly Dance and candles
LE DUÉ KRIMINALÉ ↬ Circus show on strings
SABRINA TAROT ↬ Know your future with the tarot cards
THE MAGIC HANDS OF YURIA B. ↬ Drawings from the inside
CREATIVITY CONTEST ↬ Make your Happy Bday Card
ALICE MASSAGES ↬ 5 Senses massage for brain & body
POSTO AL SOLE ↬ Original Neapolitan pizza
Coming soon more ateliers

●▬▬▬▬▬ INFO & FACILITY ▬▬▬▬▬●

Free & easy access for people with reduced mobility
Inside Bicycles Parking & Free Toilet
More info about Location & Public Transport here

Antitapas SoulRise @ The Egg

The Egg - Auditorium

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