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Antitapas News 2016

♪ ♫ ♬ Hola a tod@s, sorry for the long delay... but we had a long summertime lost in the Mediterranean sea discovering the most salted routes... We are looking for the best venue for next Antitapas Nights!!! Don't miss our next events... on Tue 25 Oct be ready to unchained your soul, free your feet and get pinched by the bite of the tarantula with the best pizzica tarantata du Salento with Officina Zoé in Concert - Bruxelles On Fri 18 Nov will back Le Grand Bal Salé with Food, Music & Culture from Southern Italy: NIDI d'ARAC at Le Grand Bal Salé - Bruxelles (Electro indie-rock new wave meets traditional Southern Italian Folk) Afterparty with The Summer Rebellion, Tringle Loop Machine, Fanfara Electronica & more. Save the dates and stay tuned with --