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From Toulouse for our 4th Anniversary!!!

An irrestible fusion swing electro hip-hop

Dig your own swing!

KKC ORCHESTRA (Fr) ♫ (1h15 Auditorium)
Initially four musicians childhood friends all passionate about music from different backgrounds, the story begins at flat 74 of Toulouse city, South France.
The KKC Orchestra had tremendous buzz-live from their tour covering three years traveling across the whole of France, blowing big top’s ceiling and plowing festival’s fields.
Since then, these four musicians have managed to create a world based on the encounter between hip-hop and swing, where break-beat and well chiseled songs move in.They would never have imagined going that far, but today they play their music through Europe, where their curious public is in demand.
Fans of the new French electro scene and English Electroswing phenomenon, the musicians bring to the French stage a youthful look with a “Swing – electro – hip-hop of their own.
Led by rapper-singer, hip-hop words are accompanied by a man machine that uses the MPC as a tool and not as a metronome, a swinger guitarist enhances the electro with his rock’n’roll touch, and an elegant pianist bring his classical experience. Between the desire to see you move and to tell you their story, Le KKC Orchestra invites you to enter their world.


More info about the Band here

Interview KKC Orchestra



and after the concert enjoy the night…
with the colored World Beat & Surf BeBop Dubstep Electroswing Vibes of

Always thought he was born in the 20′s, but it’s not true, he lives in the year 2000 in the south of France. This schizophrenic situation has made a DJ who loves swing tunes based on dirty basslines!!! He share the electroswing stage with Caravan Palace, Incontrol, The Correspondents, Algorythmik, Dutty Moonshine, Typo Boy, Kiwistar, Pat Poree, Nick Hollywood, Chris Tofu and many many more.
He produces an energetic, colored and powerful set: pluging into swing years and surfing over the Electro’s year. Better tasted with a mask!
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W la vida – W l’ amor – W la musica
If you hold “El derecho de ser felices”!
Don’t miss it!

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