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01 > 04.05.2014

Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR), Brussels

The 8th edition of Balkan Trafik at the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts is once again multiform and festive. A mix of living legends and virtuosos of traditional music, jazz, and rock, the event has become known for a concentration of artistic talent that is unique in Europe. Step inside the world of Balkan Trafik and you are guaranteed to make discoveries and to experience a change of scenery along with unforgettable encounters and emotions. Once more, this edition will provide a party atmosphere for all festival-goers.

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Lovers of the Greek blues are in for a treat. The Balkan Trafik Festival will be opened by the Greek living legend George Dalaras. On Thursday 1 May2014 the “Rembetiko Show 2014” comes to the Centre for Fine Arts. Dalaras will pay an “unplugged” tribute to the rembetiko tradition. For his new tour, he has made a special selection of a number of traditional songs that he and his ten musicians will perform as authentically as possible. The Greek instruments (bouzouki, baglama, oud, and tzouras) will be amplified by microphones only.On Friday 2 May, the cream of the Balkans will treat you to authentic sounds from the region; they will be joined by a few cracking Belgian groups influenced by Balkan music, including the Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra, the Balkan Trafik Band, and the Ambrassband. In addition to Selda Bağcan, an icon of the Turkish counterculture of the 1970s, look out for some musical fireworks from the Serbian band KAL. And we are willing to bet that you won’t be able to sit still once Mahala Raï Banda – made famous by a remix by Balkan god Shantel himself – starts playing. For the occasion, the group is joined by a musical friend, Jony Iliev from neighbouring Bulgaria.On Saturday 3 May, it will be all power to the women at Balkan Trafik! Femmes des Balkans, featuring the three Fates in the form of Amira Medunjanin, Biljana Krstic, and Tamara Obrovac, are bringing the Serbian jazz pianist Bojan Z with them. Together, they will show us just how exciting Balkan music can be. The phenomenal voice of gypsy queen Esma Redžepova will be backed by the Amazing Roma brass band from Macedonia. The Greek group Imam Baildi was such a success last year that we have invited them back; they will be joined by the Kristijan Azirovič Orkestar, winners of the Guča Trumpet Festival, and a whole array of musical stars.

The last day of the festival, Sunday 4 May, is dedicated to film with a masterclass Romanian film, an interview with the Romanian director and screenwriter Corneliu Porumboiu and a selection of the artist’s films.

Thursday 01.05.2014

Giant Horo, Grote Markt/Grand Place, Brussels, for free!

Come and participate in the biggest open air Horo ever made in Brussels and outside the Balkans! With: State Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dance from Albania, National Ensemble KOLO from Serbia & Bulgarian Folkdance of Shiroka Luka

George Dalaras Unplugged Rembetiko

Friday 02.05.2014: 6 p.m.>…

Selda Bağcan (TR)
Mahala Raï Banda & Jony Iliev (RO | BG)
Grigore Lese (RO) – video
Jonianet & Saze (AL)
Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra (BE) – video
Balkan Trafik Orkestra (BE | MK)
Kolektif Istanbul (TR) – video
KAL (RS) – video
Ambrassband (BE) – video
Fanouris Trikilis Rembetiko Project (GR | BE) @ Rembetiko Kafé
Pinar Türker & Fasl-i Chahane (TR | BE) @ Istanbul Meyhane
DJ Click ft. Tziganiada (FR | RO) – video
KOLO (RS) – video
Ensemble of folk songs & dances of Albania (AL) – video

Saturday 03.05.2014: 2 p.m.>…

Femmes des Balkans: Amira (BiH), Bilja Krstic (RS) & Tamara Obrovac (HR) ft. Boyan Z
Esma & Amazing Roma from Macedonia (MK) Video Esma RedžepovaVideo Amazing Roma from Macedonia
Ensemble of folk songs & dances of Albania (AL) – Video
Bulgarian Folkdance of Shiroka Luka (BG) – Video
KOLO (RS) – Video
Bistritsa Babi (BG)
Čači Vorba (PL) – video
Balarom Trio ft. Pantelis Stoikos & special guest Nedyalko Nedyalkov (GR | BG)
Félix Lajkó – Antal Brasnyo duo (HU) – Video
Shutka Roma Rap (MK)
DakhaBrakha (UA) – Video
Imam Baildi (GR) – Video
Kristijan Azirović Orkestar (RS, Guča winner 2013)
Fanouris Trikilis Rembetiko Project (GR | BE) @ Rembetiko Kafé
Pinar Türker & Fasl-i Chahane (TR | BE) @ Istanbul Meyhane

Sunday 04.05.2014

Romanian Film Day:
– Masterclass Romanian Film by Dominique Nasta, professor Film Studies
– Book presentation Contemporary Romanian Cinema: The History of an Unexpected Miracle by Dominique Nasta
– Films by Corneliu Porumboiu & interview

And also…

Fanouris Trikilis Project @ Rembetiko Kafé – Istanbul Meyhane – Balkan Trafik BBQ – Wine barVino Zirkus Art Rom Caravan – Brussels Short Films – Debates (Roma music in the mainstream music) – Workshops – Dance workshops – Animations …

Coproduction: BOZAR, 1001 Valises

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