Antitapas | ANTITAPAS NIGHT – Closing Season 2013/14
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ANTITAPAS NIGHT – Closing Season 2013/14


Banner Antitapas Night - Closing Season 2013-14

Don’t miss the last Antitapas Night of the Season!!!

Special guest DADDY G – MASSIVE ATTACK DjSet & all our Mammas!

Free food, creativity, circus, ateliers, flavors, cooking experiences
music, live concerts , djs and much more!

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From 21h
FreeFood, Ateliers, Music & Performances
Special Dish: Gnocco Fritto, Penne al Ragù & Gramigna Salsiccia
cooked by our original italian Mammas!!!

●▬▬▬ LINE UP ▬▬▬●

The perfect mix of Dub, Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop, Electro.

Oriental Swing Street Polk’n’roll from Berlin

♫ ROBERT PASSERA (It) (Irma Records) ♫
The King of easy lissening!
Tropical vidal shaking riffs & grooves harmonies

Nitro Gazoline Vinyl Show

Eclectic versatile afro groovy beat vibes

The best DJ of the Worst World’s Subways!
FunkyBreaks, Electroswing, Trip Hop

♫ BALENGO (It) (IndieRoom) ♫
Hot electro-rock vibes

Gourmand World Beat

Here more info about the bands...

Grant Marshall, a.k.a. Daddy G as spiritus rector of what has historically become known as the “Bristol Sound“. It´s that laid back sound that breathes dub, reggae, funk, disco and hip hop, represented by protagonists like Massive Attack, Smith & Mighty, Tricky and Portishead. A sound that left its global traces for more than one and a half decades. And Daddy G is its spiritus rector because he was one of the founders of the Wild Bunch Sound System, out of which later Massive Attack emerged. Besides Mushroom and 3-D, Daddy G was both one of the core members of the group as well as one of the group´s main voices. Way before being part of a band though, Daddy G was known as a DJ. As a ten year old he already recorded mix tapes, inspired by the DJ boyfriend of his older sister. 1980 he was one of the youngest Bristol DJs, quickly establishing his name as a synonym for an eclectic music style. At the parties at which G played, one could always hear the newest in disco, fresh punk funk from NY, the first rap imports as well as soul and dub reggae. When the Wild Bunch Sound System was founded, Daddy G already was a local celebrity. His DJ sets were not only legendary because of their selection and his mixing skills, but because he rocked the microphone as versatile as the wheels of steel.
Web ->
Video ->
They are five people, sometimes six, sometimes more. This band from Berlin is difficult to describe and to find a proper description for what they do, but it has influences from Oriental, Swing, Gypsy Polka, Punk and Surf Music. They describe themself like this: « We are not bound by origin or musical taste. There was no master plan, just a desire to create music together.We are self-taught. We create our own instruments. We write our own music. We are self-managed. We do our own artwork. We run our own label. We are D.I.Y. to the bone. We mash up whatever we can get our hands on. We are not traditionalist. There is no singular form to what we do. Our ship is made of stolen planks, buoying heavily but voyaging ahead and one day, when it sinks, everybody is invited for the last dance»
Web -> or
Video ->
◢ ROBER PASSERA (It) ♫ (Irma Records)
DJ and producer of great character: can boast of a thirty-year career in the world of Easy Listening relaxed and pleasure, surely he has seen and heard of all colors, and his works resonate with such eclectic experience. A king of easy lissening, but miles away from the common cliches. Before, during and after a set, the DJ’s mind is a kaleidoscope of notes, harmonies, riffs and grooves. Each one of these components has a totally different origin, but when they start revving up together they often end up giving life to something new, creating a jigsaw puzzle where the outcome is completely different from each original piece, yet able to represent them all.
His sound is musical pop art, conceived assemblying suggestions, rhythms and harmonies from soul, twist, shake, funk, disco, swing and bossanova against rhythms and melodies of the post-consumer society. Robert draws inspiration from cartoons, adverts, yesterday’s and today’s clubmusic and from vintage Italian film comedies and TV-show images.
Maybe you’ve seen him riding his Vespa with the sound system but one thing is certain : Jean-Claude « Dop » doesn’t go unnoticed. Dop is a Brussels legend, a music encyclopaedia and love to share his passion for all things rock ‘n ‘roll with all and sundry. He playing various sélections ranging from his beloved Iggy Pop to Jacques Dutronc and from the Ramones to spaghetti western soundtracks.
If we had to define Bernard l’Hermite (aka uthantclan) with one word, probably that would be “versatile”. His eclectic identity is the product of his different trips and projects in different cities, from the Republic of San Marino to NYC, Brighton, Sidney and Lusaka. Only one thing is sure. He will readapt himself to the place and crowd that he finds, as a hermit crab changes his shells. But beware, he plays only what he likes and requests make him hide in his shell. Since 2 years, you can spot him playing deep house and techno tunes at Eclectica (Mr Wong), Indie rock at Indie Room, and even at Antitapas, playing disco and funky stuff in the women’s toilets. For this special night, Bernard will bring some hot afrobeat and groovy vibes in the kitchen room.
The best DJ of the Worst World’s Subways! He select a bit of everything, from Trip Hop to Jungle, by FunkyBreaks Electroswing, all mixed with taste, with an ear to the religious quality that bit of popular politics made of scratch live session, which is always good! Founder of BALKANICA! Torino! (The first biggest and original Balkan Beats in Italy) + Electro Swing Club Italy (The Original and Official in Italy) is ready to put on fire all the Fans! Don’t miss it!


A creative artist who embrace diversity and experimentation with the music of the world. A music of the heart, a fusion of World Folk Reggae Beat, like a good special aphrodisiac dish with the right touch of salt & flavors. Enjoy in limited doses!

●▬▬ ATELIERS – SHOW & Co ▬▬●

ICE SCREEN PRINTING ↬ Take your shirt off and make a print on it!
ESPACE CYCLONUDISTA ↬ Cyclo Photo Body Painting
SCARPETTA’S ↬ Make Up and Masks
SABRINA TAROT ↬ Know your future with the tarot cards
SUMO FIGHT↬ Jump & fight in the sumo arena
ELENA’S ARTS ↬ Use your fantasy and get your hands dirty
ADITYA MASSAGES ↬ Outstanding relaxing massage

Old Grand Casino Bruxelles
Rue Duquesnoy 14 – 1000 – Bruxelles
Close to the Grand Place and the Central Station!
Here the map

PAF 5€ > After 23h > PAF 10€
Free Food included till 23h45
Limited capacity of the venue & Quick entry with presale.
Buy presale online here!
Or onsite at

Antitapas Nights is part of Quality Nights. Be crazy with Quality!!!

Salle de la Madeleine sallemadeleine

–> Look here all the Photos <–

This event is completely auto-financed and it works without any commercial sponsor!

W la vida – W l’ amor – W la musica
If you hold “El derecho de ser felices”!
Don’t miss it!

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