Antitapas | ANTITAPAS Festiv’HALLES 2016
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Friday 22 Jan & Saturday 23 Jan Antitapas – The most crazy nights!
Special two days edition to not be missed for any reason.

Le Palais des Sciences & Les Halles de Schaerbeek in collaboration with Europalia
will melt together the two shores of Bosfor in a special two days Festiv’Halles experience!

No matter if you’re Friday party person or if you keep the Saturday fever tradition.
Choose your night or be brave: Make it double!
Nothing can stop the right to be happy!

Limited capacity of the venue. We advise to book your ticket in advance!
Unique price 9€ (+ Web Tax Fee ) – Buy Ticket Here

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From 19h
FreeFood, Ateliers, Music & Show

Dance performances with #Europalia:
Mihran Tomasyan “You’re not a fish, after all” at 20h00
Bedirhan Dehmen “We” at 21h00

●▬▬▬ LINE UP ▬▬▬ ●

Friday 22 January:
BaBa ZuLa // Dr Das (Asian Dub Foundation) DjSet
Light in Babylon // Lavach’ // Dj Burakete // DJ SoFa // Ambulance
The Discoilet // EffettoFood with Dj Lady Kebap + Salaten Jah

Saturday 23 January:
S.O.A.P. (Chinese Man Records) feat. Safirius (Darjeeling Speech)
Orchestre International du Vetex // Reşat Öden Gadjo Ensemble
Dj Gaetano Fabri // Light in Babylon // Lavach’ // The Discoilet
EffettoFood with Dj Felafel aka Mr Breadstick + Salaten Jah

Here more info about the bands...

LineUp: Friday 22 January
◢ BABA ZULA ♫ (Concert – Friday – Grand Hall #Europalia)
Celebrating their 20th anniversary of “Istanbul Psychedelia” with their exotic worldly grooves in a perfect marriage with traditional instruments and electronics, Babazula is the perfect bridge between the two shores of Bosfor. The psychedelic Istanbul rock’n roll that rolls in a way that westerners haven’t heard so frequently since the late ’60s rock epoch. To don’t miss it!!!
Web ->
◢ LIGHT IN BABYLON ♫ (Concert – Friday Grand Hall – Saturday Cave)
An original fusion of ethnicities and culture with an Iranian Israeli singer, a Turkish santoor player and a French guitarist have come together to collaborate with eclectic musicians from around the world to create and spread an open, peaceful and shining orientalism.
This istanbul based ethno folk ensemble are one of the last years freshest musical exports of Turkey. The stunning voice of the singer Kamal combined with the beautiful sound of the santur and the western guitar-playing result in a mind-blowing experience.
Web ->
◢ DR DAS (Asian Dub Foundation) ♫ (DjSet –Friday – Grand Hall)
Producer, remixer and bassist of Asian Dub Foundation.
His emotive bass melodies rhythm and ‘noiz’ is a metaphor for human action and emotion. His music designed to make people dance, to shake down inhibitions, to make love. #Dubnoiz
Web ->
◢ DJ BURAKETE ♫ (DjSet – Friday – Grand Hall & Cave)
Collecting old Turkish vinyl since 2005 and start djing turkish-anatolian-psychedelic since 2007.
His sound is a journey from psychedelic turkish-anatolian past to electronic present.
He likes to play Vinyl only set with his big collection of Turkish rare grooves loves to mix them with the newest productions influenced by psychedelic Anatolia.
Founder of his label “süperdisko-records” he surprise the audience with unusual rhythm & beats and still keep´em dancing all night long.
Web ->
◢ DJ SOFA ♫ (DjSet – Friday – Grand Hall & Cave)
One of the most versatile Brussels DJs who proposes eclectic music from around the world. Since 1997, he collects vinyl limitless space, period or genre. What matters to him is good humor and bring the public to a long journey made new musical discoveries. His sets were recorded cheered by many well-known sites and podcasts from around the world.
Web ->
◢ AMBULANCE ♫ (Concert – Friday – Cave)
Songs about life changes, making choices and farewells by the songwriter Andrea Artistico, influenced by Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and many others. His music is characterized by an indie-pop and low-rock sound. A new album and a video filmed in Istanbul is coming out.
Web ->
(Dj set & Food – Friday – Cave)
Two creative artist who embrace diversity and experimentation with the music & food of the world. Aphrodisiac dish, a right touch of salt & flavors, will be will be the base for a long music trip with the Eclectic, refined vibes of Dj Lady Kebap aka Coqo’.
LineUp: Saturday 23 January
◢ SON OF A PITCH aka S.O.A.P. feat. SAFIRIUS ♫
(Live DjSet & MC – Saturday – Grand Hall)
A Special Guest from Chinese Man Records. A super Dj, musician, beatmaker, an authentic sound craftsman. A cocktail of Global Bass that move all the buttocks. On main stage with SAFIRIUS a great French/Turkish rapper: MC of Micronologie & Darjeeling Speech.
Web ->
◢ ORCHESTRE INTERNATIONAL DU VETEX ♫ (Concert – Saturday – Grand Hall)
Brussels Cd-Release “Fifavela”. Always a guarantee of party with this transborder crazy brassband collective of 14 musicians from Belgium and France playing they own compositions of traditional Brass Band with touch of Mediterranean flavours, Afrobeat and Spicy Cumbia.
Web ->
◢ REŞAT ÖDEN & GADJO ENSEMBLE ♫ (Concert – Saturday – Grand Hall)
Roma gipsies absorbed countless melodies during a diaspora that began in northern India and spread through Anatolia ending in Europe. With The Manush Project, the young musician Reşat Öden demonstrates how traditional gipsy music has always crossed national and cultural borders. #Europalia
◢ LAVACH’ ♫ (Concert – Friday & Saturday – Cave)
Is the name of the traditional armenian bread. Four multicultural French musicians met in a popular neighbourhood of Paris plays warm and vibrant music mainly takes its roots in Armenian and Balkan, but also blending with other repertoires and contemporary sounds, creating unusual styles: Afro-Armenian dances, Macedonian reggae-dub, Romanian odd-time samba, Mexican gnawa, Maroccan dub-chaabi, etc…
They like to play very close from the audience, sharing their bread in a family mood.
Web ->
◢ DJ GAETANO FABRI ♫ (DjSet – Saturday – Grand Hall)
The Pioneer of Smart Gypsy Music, impassionated jazz musician and percussionist from Brussels, he popularizes gypsy music through the club scenes throughout Europe by blending clubbing culture with traditional music.
Web ->
(Dj set & Food – Saturday – Cave)
Music & Food for all digestion inna live cooking dj-set version for Mr Breadstick: the best DJ and producer of the Worst World’s Subways on the best European dance floors since 2005. An artist able to extract juiciness out of every tune and to combine different styles in a journey that goes from trip hop to jungle, crossing funky and breakbeats while scratching the surface of his beloved vinyls. His Dj-set gets your heartbeat into the groove and your feet out of control in a memorable everlasting night.
Web ->
◢ DISCOILET ♫ (DjSet – Friday & Saturday – Around the Toilet)
Discover toilets. Rediscover disco and something more… a voyage of sparkling music selection!

Halles de Schaerbeek
Rue Royale Sainte-Marie, 22a
1030 Schaerbeek – Bruxelles

Metro Botanique – Tram 25/92/94 – Bus 65-66
Here the map ☞
Find the best way to arrive here

Open 19h > PAF 9€ > Closing 5h
Free Food available till 23h.
Quick Entry with presale ticket! Limited Capacity of the venue.
Book your ticket here:
Free & access for people with reduced mobility!
-> Free Toilet – Ouside Cycles Parking – Car Parking not available <-

Antitapas Nights is part of Quality Nights (FR)! Be crazy with Quality!!

Enjoy the photos of ANTITAPAS Festiv’HALLES weekend!
Thanks to everyone… Viva la vida! Viva l’amor! Viva la Musica!

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