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Les Caves de Cureghem

Les Caves de Cureghem

Rue Jules Ruhl

Les Caves de Cureghem is among handcrafted pillars and vaults dating from the 19th century that one of the most original venues in Brussels.

The cellars (until October 2012 they have been tagged as The Cureghem Cellars, referring to the Brussels’ district Cureghem) are situated on the site of the former Anderlecht cattle market dating from 1890. This covered market is a typical example of forged-iron architecture which became fashionable after the 1850 World Exhibition in London.

Since its inauguration by Leopold II in 1892, the cellars served purely as foundations for the metal structure above. The ground in those days was particularly marshy and barrel vaults were needed as supports.

In the 1930s was there a vain attempt to find a more profitable use for the cellars. This dark damp underground space was an ideal place for growing mushrooms, an activity which continued into the post-war years until it became uneconomic. The market hall was finally listed as a Belgian national monument in 1984.

Since their re-launch in 1992 as an events venue, the Cellars have achieved much greater success. They are still underground, but no longer dark & damp! The private company Abattoir nv-sa invested almost €4 million in a complete transformation which included a concrete floor, new entrances, electricity, heating, lighting, plumbing & safety equipment.

This unique venue, with its impressive succession of pillars and vaults, gave to the Antitapas Night a special atmosphere and the opportunity to win the VisitBrussels Award as best evening experience, consolidating the reputation of the most famous underground night in Belgium and, according to many, in Europe!

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