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Service Culture tree In April 2009 we began a partnership with the Service Culture Comune de Saint Gilles. There is a place in Brussels that doesn’t seem a public office!…
How many of you got in trouble in a public office, switching from paper to paper? Many of us know the difficulty of our present bureaucracy, and in general of our present society, to straight cultural and social activities arising civic awareness and dynamizing societies and economies!
This place is Le Service Culture de Saint Gilles. It helps tens of people to full in their artistic and social potential better than tens of social policies cranked out in the last decades.
One of these services on every quarter of Brussels could really twist the cultural base of this city! By creating the new Cultural Capital of Europe Brussels will be finally complete! If everyone of us has the opportunity to create something coming from his mind, Freeing his vision of his place and his way to conceive and cross it…
The modern democracy itself would acquire justification and the maximum expression of “el derecho de ser felices” would be reached.