Antitapas | ABOUT US
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is an idea that arose from a place!
Where hundreds of people have found their own rainbow!
The first Antitapas night was only born in November 2009
but it comes from hundreds of unruly nights in Brussels!
We have set up several concerts, parties and events…
with artists from all around the world!!!
😀 We trust in “El derecho de ser felices”! 😀
We are farmers that feed & share the right to be happy as a common good.
We take care of our events as little seeds making them better.



Our cultural organisation has as a main objective to support “popular” arts and events accessible to everyone. The purpose of the association’s activities is to bring people together through musical and cultural traditions.
Live music is the rule, upcoming bands are given a platform, everyone is welcome and fees for the entrance and drinks are kept for this purpose very low bringing as a result different art forms and nationalities together.
We encourages the “right to be happy” that makes art “popular” and its role is to work as an antidote to the alienation of modern society.
The association gathers more than 2000 members, representing a varied community of people both in terms of nationality, age and socio-professional interests. The majority of our members are European expats living in Brussels.
The composition of our members results in the following numbers: 618 Belgians, 444 Italians, 348 French, 227 Spanish, with a total of 75 different nationalities. The members’ age ranges between 18 to 55, with an average of 27.
It is a community that gathers different types of people also in terms of socio-professional interests, such as Erasmus and PhD students, European Institutions employees, young workers or interns as well as unemployed persons searching for opportunities.
The association is implicated in several artistic activities which bring together artists from different cultures and fields. Thanks to these efforts, we have involved an heterogeneous group of people which have in common an interest for culture expressed in different forms of art.




Antitapas come from two words Antitapasti & Tapas. It seems something against the tapas but actually is a mix of Italian-Spanish style and a concept of events. It’s an exciting caravan ready to sweep you away in a pulsing blaze of music, tastes and happiness. Bring your smiles and love… and “the most crazy night” will wrap up in a blend of flavours and senses that will make you feel “El derecho de ser felices”!